A Voice for Our Students

Did you know 4,284 students are currently not allowed to access campus to attend in-person learning due to their Covid Policy?


The Santa Barbara Grand Jury found "incalculable damage" done to our community because of this type of policy yet SBCC has failed to react. The CDC has also released new guidance that they have ignored. Ventura Community College and Allen Hancock have both opened their campuses to all.


Regardless of how you feel on this issue we have students in our community that have been left out. SBCC has done a survey that showed a majority of students see this as a barrier to their education. They also hired an outside consultant who told them the community wanted the mandate removed yet they have ignored both.


As your trustee I will work to provide open access to all students in our community and will encourage all students to discuss their personal health needs with their primary care doctor. Student advocacy will be the main focus during my service as your next SBCC Trustee. I feel this is a needed balance that sets me apart from my opponent who will have the perspective of a faculty member, a group that is already over represented by the current board.

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